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We at Consortium are Architects by nature. We have passionately envisioned a community for better design. An imaginative People, empowered with eco architecture is the need of the hour. And a grand space that gives an all new perspective to life. To achieve this we need the entire creation  process---right from the start to the end and right from the micro levels to the macro levels---going in the right direction.
Also our other important inspiration has been our client’s need of the hour. While partnering many of our customers we experienced that most of them were dealing with a fragmented system---Architect, Interior Designer, Structural Engineer, Electrical Consultant, Mechanical Consultant, Project Manager, legal Consultant, Contractor/s… the list is almost endless. Add to that the sourcing of trained labour and manpower. This caused immense inconvenience to the customer. Also he could never regulate quality assurance issues and make informed price decisions.   
Keeping this customer interest at the core, CAPL ( Consortium Architects Pvt. Ltd. ) was born .CAPL, through a common platform right from concept through to completion, has integrated these fragments and hence lent an edge to the customer in expertise, convenience and price.  This concept goes beyond the idea of PMC by possessing in-house consultants in all the fields giving. Hence better control over the projects resulting in successful delivery of the projects is now possible. Also as we are all gradually but steadily moving towards a greener tomorrow, CAPL strongly advocates the idea of Green concepts.