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Our Logo is the soul of our beliefs. All colours subtly converse the ideas of Change and Constant of nature. The form too is an insight of the Yin and Yang prophecy.  
Black stands for space while brown represents soil. The green circle is earth. The black and white colours connote the interesting idea of changing phases in a journey. And it is this journey which is all about Architecture.
A change, evolution and a complete art by itself. The square is a part of the identity to visually balance the circle. And the Axis---the dotted line---keeps the entire unit together which is also a base to the graph---sine wave. 
Life keeps evolving and hence ever changing.  Yin and Yang too are continuously changing. This change is normally harmonious. We all believe that there are some constants set by nature, and they are timeless and supporting to healthy, peace full and truly happy life. These are true values of life and values for all existing elements in the nature.