Profile---The ‘Beyond 3600’ Overview

At Consortium Architects Private Ltd. (CAPL ) we celebrate our experience in various fields of architecture, interior designing and now the entire gamut of creating and executing a  structure---from concept to completion. 
The practice of PMC (Project Management Consultancy) until now was restricted only to huge projects and mega structures which constitutes only about 10% of the entire industry.          
 At CAPL we have broken new ground bringing this concept to the middle and small segment. It’s a ‘1 window 360 degree's ’ convenience for the customer.  

Designing With A GREEN Conscience

For  us  Architecture  is  an  appropriate  science,  which  provides  the tool to  create  built  and  un-built  forms.  We  consider  building  as  a part  of  the nature, which  should  be  “in  general  harmony  with”  other  elements  in  the environment. Therefore apart from meeting the client’s requirement in terms of time, quality and budget, we always keep sustainability at the forefront.