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Architectural Design 

Whenever we create a structure we treat it as if we are writing something in the sky or on earth.  For us it’s an opportunity to harmoniously connect with other elements in the ambience around. We lay emphasis on giving elegant, and lasting sustainable solutions that inspire architectural form and design decisions. 
At CAPL, we look at this structure as an expression of a persona. All this comes wrapped in a green conscience.  We keep sustainability at the core. This is what contemporary architectural design is all about.  

Interior Architecture 

Today new techniques and technologies present exciting new ways to apply space planning and innovations. We excel in corporate interiors by understanding true values of a work place. While keeping these values at the core we create environs that strike a chord with team members thus making them belong and a part if it. Simply put, its home to every team member’s emotional intelligence, thus optimizing productivity. 

Environmental Architecture

We consciously respond to the particularities of the place, while also helping to address very real problems such as resource and energy consumption, healthy design, and indoor environmental quality. CAPL integrates good design with sustainability.  We don’t design a structure as an individual entity but as an extended part of nature, minimizing the use of manmade resources and optimizing nature’s resources. We look at the holistic being of the environment, infrastructure and the structure’s role in it.

Environmental Planning

Our structures are a step ahead that reflects their regard for the philosophy of green design. We blend our technical expertise and urban demands with the customer requirements to craft design solution. We further carry out developments through precise planning, giving due deliberation to environmental, political, and economical and other instrumental factors.
Furthermore we believe Environmental issues affect architecture at every level. Thus environmental planning becomes an important part of sustainable architecture which we provide. 

Energy Auditing 

This is to ensure that the natural energy resources are being used as planned and are also performing as per the design. After the design, execution and handing over of the structure we have a comprehensive checklist of Energy Audit. We ensure that the structure’s green energy self reliance is in perfect sync with the design.     
Apart from working on the projects and structure that we create we also work on independent structures that have already been created. The building needs study and then the theoretical energy self reliance of the building is carefully audited. At times the energy self reliance may not be in line with the expectations. This could happen because of many reasons.  We take care of such structures, track down problems, devise solutions and ensure that there’s no wastage. 

Feasibility Studies 

The purpose of the feasibility is to simply determine whether an idea is indeed feasible in its current form. Does it need some change for it to succeed?  What are other factors that will improve the likelihood of the project’s success? 
A successful project’s groundwork is its feasibility study. Yet, even today many organizations, businesses and developers roll into a project without a sound feasibility study. At CAPL our expertise lies in documenting and analyzing each of the potential solutions or challenges to a particular business issue or opportunity. Feasibility Studies can be undertaken by any type of business, project or team and they form a critical part of the Project Life Cycle. The outcome of the Feasibility Study is a confirmed solution for implementation.

Site Selection

Site selection has a lasting impact on every real estate decision. The process, issues, and criteria that support this decision are of great importance, not only to any one party in particular, but also to the local, environment and future generations. Our framework addresses important actions and performs evaluations in the selection of sites. We recognize that every site selection is unique and that each project has varied demands which make the process challenging. ( this para can be omitted )
A selected site has a major impact on the customer in terms of convenience, access, and the quality of the work environment. It also has an impact on the project’s initial and life cycle costs and on the community’s economy, sense of place and social fabric. Our site selection process also includes a detailed evaluation of project needs which are then measured against the merits of other potential locations. The process typically includes selecting and evaluating communities, real estate site analysis and acquisition, and may include negotiating. Strong experience and background in Reality Sector gives us distinct cutting edge in Site Selection.

Project Management Consultancy

We provide our clients with quality and comprehensive service that allows them clarity, transparency and peace of mind.  Our knowledge base and well-knit teamwork ensures that the project is being executed perfectly in accordance with the designs---design and reality go hand in hand.   We have knowledgeable workforce efficient in meeting the client’s requirements in terms of quality, time and finances for project at any stage, further having all the consultants in-house gives a better control over, overall management of any project.

Realty Business 

Wealth of experience in the field of Realty Sector gives us an insight into unseen issues. We help our clients to get all legal and formal issues cleared.  Whenever a structure or space is being planned for development, there are numerous legal issues that could turn out to be major stumbling block. We not only keep ourselves adept with existing laws but also keep abreast with new ones especially in the Sustainability segment.